We streamline the information exchange between shippers and carriers, so freight moves reliably and efficiently. Our transportation management technology helps you trade better.

        Better planning

        Our freight technology solution provides you with the flexibility to ship any mode, anytime, anywhere.

        Better execution

        Comprehensive analytics give you deep
        insight into your customers, carriers
        and business.

        Better reporting

        Get timely answers to questions coming from customers or management, and identify areas for improvements.

        Better decision making

        Livingston’s cloud-based Freight Marketplace offers end-to-end control of and visibility into your transportation lifecycle. Make better transport choices and save money.

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        Freight Marketplace Key Benefits:

        Reduce costs

        Reduce costs

        With our artificial intelligence tool, we can determine areas where you can monetize your volume, and benefit from pool spending.

        Improve management

        Improve management

        Robust reporting and analytics allows you to analyze carriers, audit spend against SLAs, and drive a higher level of payment accuracy.

        Improve customer experience

        Improve customer experience

        Get access to information in real-time, and keep your customers informed about the status and location of their goods.

        Improve lane and carrier optimization

        Improve lane and carrier optimization

        By having data in one platform, you can perform analysis to determine how to improve lane and carrier optimization.

        Freight Marketplace The Brain of your operation

        With everyone challenged to do more with less, there is continuing focus on operational efficiency. With the bulk of supply chain costs consisting of transportation activities, optimizing this link requires an investment. That’s where our Freight Marketplace comes in. It’s the “Brain” of your transportation process. It will figure out how to ship more efficiently, how to eliminate a lot of manual work, and provide you with information on your transportation activities that you have never had before.

        No contracts. No Setup Fees.

        With our transactional pricing structure, there’s no licenses or maintenance agreements to purchase.

        Scalable for any business size.

        A completely scalable freight solution that improves cash-flow and profits for small, mid-sized and enterprise companies.

        Find the right carriers.

        Find carriers based on the total cost, not just base rates. And find lowest cost carrier per individual shipment.

        Make smarter decisions.

        Get information that empowers you. Have answers ready for those who ask, and identify where to make improvements.

        Support for multiple modes.

        A complete cloud-based solution, Freight Marketplace supports multiple modes for real-time freight, parcel, LTL, TL, FCL, LCL and more

        All your data in one place.

        All data is captured in a single database with easy access through standard reports or ad-hoc queries.

        A Single Dashboard. Total control in one place.

        • Intuitive, easy-to-understand visuals
        • Graphs and charts adapt to the parameters that you set
        • Assign multiple users to your account
        • Customize items for display on your dashboard

        Rate and book shipments easily and securely.

        • Obtain a shipment quote in minutes
        • Customized field display
        • One simple screen to input all origin and destination information
        • Book and save without a rate
        • Generate a smart quote
        • Generate a full quote
        Customs Brokerage Calculator

        Get a customs brokerage price in 3 minutes or less.

        Livingston has made it easier than ever to get an estimate on Customs Brokerage for importing into the US and Canada. Simply tell us a bit about your business and your shipment and our innovative calculator will give you an instant price. All in about the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

        Try our brokerage calculator